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Awards & Recognition in 2020:

  • Elizabeth Seton High School, Bladensburg, MD- Julia M. Spraggins - Is recognized for being a successful business entrepreneur.


  • The Maryland General Assembly - Official Citation- Julia M. Spraggins- Entrepreneur/Founder - Business in recognition of continued success as a business woman, and as a creative and economic inspiration to the community. 


  • Presented on this 22nd day of February 2020 by Senator Malcolm Augustine of Prince George's County- Legislative District 47.

Julia M. Spraggins

The Wraptician


It’s A Wrap Project was birthed in the summer of 2016 by Owner and Founder Julia M. Spraggins, as a result of her medical diagnosis of Alopecia Areata.  Here is her story of self-acceptance and beautiful innovation…

“…I had been on a three-year journey of trying various options to regrow my hair. I tried injections.  I tried massaging, vitamins and other methods of hair rejuvenation with no success.   My journey was painful, embarrassing and difficult, since, as we all know, our hair is one of our crowning glories. 

To camouflage my hair loss, I started wrapping my head with fabrics and scarves.  This strategy wasn’t foreign to me.  Since the 1970's, I had wrapped my head as part of my fashion style.  I’ve always  loved the look and versatility of adorning my head with fabrics.

By the time I was formally diagnosed with Alopecia, I had reached a place of acceptance and peace.  I owe my acceptance of my diagnosis to head wrapping and using other creative ways of styling my hair to hide my hair loss.

During my appointment when I was diagnosed, the doctor asked me to participate in a study on “hair loss”, saying that many women of many ethnicities are suffering from this condition.  I wasn’t aware that hair loss was a problem for other women.  I thought I had been on my own very personal battle.  

I decided that day to start a project to let others know that there can be beauty, peace, and healing after hair loss.”

For more information, contact:
Julia M. Spraggins, Wraptician

Certified Image Consultant and MBA

Phone: 202-460-6714

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