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Wrap Your Way to Confidence, Conquer Hair Challenges, and Redefine Your Unique Style!

Our Empowering Mission.

Our mission is to empower individuals facing hair challenges by offering them the opportunity to rediscover their style, boost their confidence, and enhance their natural beauty.

Head Wrapping Techniques.

We offer hands-on instruction for how to use fabrics and scarves to wrap and adorn the head in versatile and creative ways.


Hair Challenges for Everyone.

Our project is inclusive and welcomes people from all backgrounds because, let's be honest, who hasn't encountered a hair challenge at some point in their life?




Hair Loss Care and

 Wellness Workshops

 We see hair loss care and wellness as an ongoing journey—an active process where our clients become aware of their unique path and make choices that lead to a more successful existence. This journey encompasses the essential aspects of hair loss care and wellness.


Head Wrap Artistry and Learning

We employ creativity, imagination, and artistic exploration in our teaching and learning approach to enhance the outcomes for our students and participants.

Master the Art of Head Wrapping
In Our Exclusive Workshops 

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Schools

  • Art Studios

  • Museums

  • Support Groups

  • Churches

  • Home Parties

  • Hospitals

  • Rally's

  • Run and Walk Events

  • Retail Spaces

  • Vendor Opportunities

  • Health Insurance Companies

  • Beauty Salons and Beauty Bars

  • Businesses

  • Organizations

  • Government Agencies


Workshops Include

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Headwrap Kits

Wrap, Learn, and Shine

Embrace the Art of Headwrapping with Our Tailored Kits – Unleash Your Style, Your Way!


Utilized and endorsed for participants to master the 'Art of Headwrapping' in workshops, seminars, and classes. Our head wrap kits encompass a full head wrap, half head wrap, a headwrapping style sheet, and essential headwrapping tools. Customize your head wrap kits with various colors, specific hues, and even incorporate your logo for a personalized touch.

Check out our  Signature Headwrap from 'It's A Wrap Project' A Beloved Choice Among Clients! Crafted with 100% Cotton, quilted with Afrocentric fabrics in stunning patterns. This versatile headwrap transforms into a neck scarf, sarong, belt, wall hanging, or table runner. Exclusively Customizable – Custom Orders Only!"

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Wrap Couture
Your Personalized Headwrap Wardrobe Awaits

Let us curate a collection tailored to your fashion personality, style, preferred colors, and lifestyle.

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Working with It’s A Wrap Project has definitely taken our outreach events to for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries to the next level. Julia is very professional, organized and on time. Every time we have an option to work together I see another layer of passion for boosting the morale of the community.

David P.  | United Health Care

In the video segment "How She Did IT! Honoring the Journey of African American Women Entrepreneurs," Julia Spraggins shares her inspiring entrepreneurial journey with host Felicia Brown. The interview highlights Julia's path to success, resilience, and the wisdom she gained along the way, celebrating the excellence of African American women in entrepreneurship. It's a tribute to their remarkable journeys and an empowering conversation you won't want to miss.

As an auntie, I wholeheartedly endorse the Its A Wrap Project as an invaluable after-school activity for middle school students. This innovative initiative goes beyond conventional learning, providing our children with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse tapestry of global cultures through the art of head-wrapping. My daughter/son participated enthusiastically in the workshops, where she/he not only learned the intricate techniques of head-wrapping from various cultures but also gained a profound understanding of the cultural significance behind each style. The project not only fosters creativity and self-expression but also cultivates a genuine appreciation for diversity and inclusion. I am impressed by the well-structured curriculum that ensures a gradual progression of skills, allowing students to build their expertise over time. The inclusion of guest instructors and community members adds authenticity to the learning experience, connecting our children with real-world practitioners and expanding their horizons. Moreover, the Its A Wrap Project creates a supportive and inclusive environment where boys and girls alike can explore and celebrate cultural traditions. The showcase events provide a platform for our children to proudly exhibit their creations, fostering a sense of accomplishment and boosting their confidence. I believe that this project not only enriches our children's education but also contributes to building a more culturally aware and tolerant community. Its A Wrap Project is a commendable endeavor that seamlessly combines art, culture, and education, making it a valuable addition to our middle school's after-school activities.


I  think Julia and "It's A Wrap Project" is a highly sophisticated designed organization. Julia uses beautiful cloths and her head wraps are simply explosive in design. I always love for Jullia to staff my events. She bring color, beauty and self awareness to any event.

Alice T. | DC Department of Aging and Community Living 



We are proud to collaborate with a diverse network of esteemed organizations and partners who share our commitment to making a positive impact in our community. To name a few, together, we strive to empower individuals, transform lives, and build a stronger, more vibrant future for all. Some of our partnerships include:

  • Project Create

  • The Friends of Anacostia

  • Harriett Turban Shelter

  • Sumner Arts and Learning Academy

  • John Hopkins Oncology

  • My Active Seniors

  • Seabury Resources

  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore Alumni Association

  • Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center

  • Bowie State University

  • Model Cities

  • Prevent Cancer Foundation

  • Senior Spa Day

  • My Active Seniors

  • DC Collaborative

  • Doctor Hospital Pink Rally

  • It's in the Genes Pinkie Parties

  • The National Alopecia Foundation

  • United Healthcare

  • Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival

  • Kilbar Village

  • East of the River Steel Band

  • United Health Care


Approximately 50% of women of color encounter various hair challenges, which can lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety among affected individuals.

Introduction: 'It's A Wrap Project' was founded in the summer of 2016 by our Wrapitan and Founder, Julia Spraggins-Byrd. Her journey, rooted in a medical diagnosis of Alopecia Areata, is a story of self-acceptance and beautiful innovation.

Her Alopecia Journey: Over three years, I explored various options to regrow my hair—attempting injections, massages, vitamins, and other rejuvenation methods, all without success. It was a painful, embarrassing, and a challenging journey. As many understand, a woman's hair holds great significance as her crowning glory.

The Turning Point: To camouflage my hair loss, I started wrapping my head with fabrics and scarves. This strategy wasn't foreign to me. Since the 1970s, I had wrapped my head as part of my fashion style. I've always loved the look and versatility of adorning my head with fabrics."

Acceptance and Peace: "By the time I was formally diagnosed with Alopecia, I had reached a place of acceptance and peace. I owe my acceptance of my diagnosis to head wrapping and using other creative ways of styling my hair to hide my hair loss.

Contributing to Research: During my appointment when I was diagnosed, the doctor asked me to participate in a study on 'hair loss,' saying that many women of many ethnicities are suffering from this condition. I wasn't aware that hair loss was a problem for other women. I thought I had been on my own very personal battle.'


Let's Align

Should you have any inquiries, comments, or concerns, kindly share them with us using the form.

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